Sunday, 18 June 2017

Seeing as we had German schlager-music singer Drafi Deutscher/Mr. Walkie Talkie in the previous post, here to join him is fellow German who goes by the name of Tony Marshall.
Born in Baden-Baden as Herbert Anton Bloeth on February 3, 1938, he changed his name to Herbert Anton Hilger before settling on the name Tony Marshall in 1965 when he started training as an opera singer at Karlsruher College of Music.
However, rather than embarking on a career in the opera, in 1971 he had his first hit single, "Schöne Maid", making its way into the German Top 40. But it wasn't until the following year the English-language version made single (Interfusion ITFK-4432), becoming one of the biggest hits in Australia in late ‘72/early ‘73. The original German version had tweeting birds at the start but the musical arrangement was basically the same.
Pete Bellotte, a British lyricist and producer, wrote the English lyrics for "Pretty Maid". He is also one-third of the trio largely responsible for the wide sweeping success of the '70s disco movement, alongside Giorgio Moroder, writing many hit compositions including "Hot Stuff", "I Feel Love" and "Love To Love You Baby" for Donna Summer. He also wrote "Son Of My Father", a hit for UK group Chicory Tip. FLAC
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