Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A painter, sculptor and inventor of numerous unique and highly original mediums, Lisa R. Fredenthal-Lee, also known as Lisa, was born in Detroit, Michigan USA into an artistic dynasty, with a broad array of artists and performers, going back generations.
A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, Lisa became one of the principle artists and a major contributor to the original SOMA art scene of the 1970s and 80s; including several one woman and group exhibitions across a wide diversity of mediums. Lisa is primarily renowned as a painter on canvas and highly regarded for her rich texture, vibrant color work and diversity of subject matter. She is equally regarded for her re-use of discarded/discovered materials and the wealth of innovation that she generates from these materials.
Prior to 1982, Lisa had no formal training or interest in the music business. However, the artist seized an opportunity to utilize pop music as a performance platform, using her own body as a canvas. Lisa applied her primary skills to textiles; in 1984 she performed as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations at The San Francisco Modern Art Museum, having created an original piece specifically for the event.
Known for her Hi-NRG, Synthpop and Disco-style music, she released her first singles “Jump Shout” in 1982 and the follow-up, “Rocket To Your Heart” in 1983. And here for download is the latter, 2 different mixes on a UK 12” release (Carrere CART 328). The self-titled LP Lisa was released that year, with cover art by Lisa and Robert Lee. Following were many successful singles including “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart” and in 1992 Jump Shout the CD came to market.
Once again, another one of these cases where the track lengths don’t quite match the album cuts... the A-side clocks out at 5min 54sec whereas on the original album is 5:45, and 9:33 on the Jump Shout CD. As for the B-side, however, I was lucky to stumble upon some info for the “remix”: it was remixed by Steve Algozino & Lester Temple who are uncredited on this pressing, and is a version from a Hot Tracks DJ subscription service (series 2, issue 8) with the vocoder-spoken intro (which refers to Hot Tracks) removed. Hmm.
Fun fact: Lisa was one of the first artists to exploit scanner generated archival pigment printing as an original medium, rather than using the device, in the conventional way, for the reproduction of pre-existing pieces rendered in other mediums. She saw the opportunity to use the scanner, originally, by erecting a variety of compositions and collages directly on the machine table. In 1995 this was considered to be a ground breaking approach to the use and application of the technology. To the artist, the manipulation of the mechanism was yet one more tool to be utilized and, in this regard, no different than picking up a brush or a palette knife! FLAC
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