Saturday, 15 April 2017

Hello, everyone... Guitarzan is back! Happy New Year to all! :)
Before we get started, I’d like to announce that new changes will be made to the Jungle. For example; from this new post onward I will be including a “FLAC” download link right at the end of the notes, but the header will still remain as the same “MP3@320” format.
Now, I must admit, this whole “FLAC-vs.-MP3” argument had caused me some anguish for quite some time. I could not understand why it became such a big deal. Someone even remarked that MP3 is an outdated technology and should be taken down. I couldn’t disagree more. For years, I had always collected and listened to my music in MP3. It was all I knew. Overtime, I had people recommend me and try to convince me to listen to music in FLAC, and only FLAC. But the way I see it, it all comes down to personal choice and personal listening habits... so, why not have both?
For those who don’t know what FLAC is, it stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which, like MP3, is an audio compression format that holds the true quality of the compressed audio, whereas MP3 even at its highest bit-rate (320), doesn’t. However, MP3 is widely supported and the most compatible on any portable device. Also, FLAC file size is up to 5 times bigger than MP3, therefore making less room for hard drive space. And if you are someone who, like me, believes in quantity over quality, personally, I’d go the “MP3@320” option. For all you purists and audiophiles, the choice for FLAC is now available. Although I am still hazy on hearing the differences between the 2 formats, I have seen various screenshots of audio spectrograms showing the significant data and file sizes which became very clear to me (see example here).
Okay, rant over... now, getting back to the heart of the issue.
First off, I just want to say, how many big names have we lost in just this year alone? Last year was a shocker, but this year’s turned into an even bigger travesty.
In Australia, we lost cricket legend Max Walker at 68, radio presenters Ken Sparkes at 76 and Bob Francis at 77, New Zealand music legend Ray Columbus at 74, Daddy Cool bass guitarist Wayne Duncan at 72, Carol Lloyd of Railroad Gin at 68, and more recently, New Zealand/Australian comedian, writer and satirist, John Clarke, also at 68.
For overseas; singer/songwriters John D. Loudermilk at 83, Bobby Vee at 73, Leonard Cohen at 82, Leon Russell at 74, George Michael at 53, Peter Sarstedt at 75 and Bobby Freeman at 76, Hungarian-American actress Zsa Zsa Gabor at 99, Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt (one of my idols) at 68, American actresses Carrie Fisher at 60 including her mother Debbie Reynolds the next day at 84, singer/songwriter/guitarist Chuck Berry (another one of my idols) at 90, American comedian Don Rickles also at 90, and now... this time, J. Geils at 71.
So, here to download is my tribute to one of the all-time greatest musicians, known for his top 10 hits in Australia, “Centrefold” and “Freeze Frame”. But here contained in this hard-to-get, out-of-print album (EMI America ST-240240) is the overlooked “Concealed Weapons”, a minor hit in Australia at #67, faring only slightly better in the US at #63.
R.I.P. John Warren "J." Geils Jr. (February 20, 1946 – April 11, 2017). FLAC
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